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bringing the beauty of outside, inside.

(sub)terrarium brings you one-of-a-kind terrariums made with faux succulents where NO GREEN THUMB is required. our mission is to bring the beauty of outside, inside.


faux succulent terrariums give everyone the ability to bring greenery and joy into their space, minus the headache.

each (sub)terrarium is uniquely handcrafted so that no two are exactly alike. using only the highest quality faux succulents, you wouldn't even know they're not alive!

all contents are secured using epoxy resin. No assembly or maintenance required.

Antique Gold Leaning Cube
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give the gift.

searching for that special gift that will compliment anyone's style? (sub)terrariums are just that!  whether it be your best friend, work colleague, sister, brother, mom or dad, our terrariums universally will brighten anyone's day. what else makes these terrariums the perfect gift? there's no maintenance or water required! 

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(sub)terrarium - Terrarium 558.1.png
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